where have i been?

hey everyone! after a straight month or so of not blogging, i’ve decided to come back and give it a try.

where have i been?

ever since school started back up, i’ve been busy with homework and studying. i’m taking three AP, or advanced placement, classes (english, calculus, and psychology) and three regular classes (spanish level 4, personal finance, and anatomy/physiology). the work load for each class has been a lot more than i expected, and i’ve been busy trying to maintain straight A’s. along with that, i have had lots of tennis practices and matches after school. to sum it up, i haven’t had time to read, let alone blog.

what’s new?

i haven’t been able to finish a book in quite a while. i believe the last book i read (and LOVED) was when we collided by emery lord. it easily became one of my favorite books of 2016. i am currently reading a court of mist and fury (still), harry potter and the goblet of fire, empire of storms, and heartless.


the show is incredible. if you haven’t seen it, please find time to watch it. if you’ve already seen it, did you like it? who is your favorite character? what are some theories you have for season two? have you seen the LA devotee music video featuring noah schnapp aka will byers?

that wraps up this post. sorry it is so short, and sorry i’ve been MIA lately. i’ll try to write up a couple more posts this weekend *if* i find the time.



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