my unannounced hiatus + why i’ve been gone

hey everyone! its been awhile since i’ve posted anything new on here, and this post is pretty much gonna sum up why. i’m sorry that i’ve been gone awhile without any explanation as to where i’ve been and what has been going on.

i wasn’t really planning on a hiatus. it just happened. i thought that i would be posting every few days, like i usually do. then, my summer got really busy.

  1. vacation: i went on vacation in hilton head for a week earlier in july, and forgot my laptop. *smacks self on forehead* i was going to try posting via my phone, but it was too difficult and i thought it would mess up the layout of my posts.
  2. camp: i went to a wilson collegiate tennis camp for 5 days. we played 6-8 hours of tennis each day, then had night activities. i barely even had time to eat, let alone blog. i didn’t even read (and that was awful).
  3. school work: i finally started my summer work, and it is taking longer than i thought. i had 3 spanish assignments, 2 (LONG) AP chemistry assignments, reading + writing for AP english, and 6 modules for AP psychology. i’ve only finished spanish, and i’m about halfway through chemistry, so i apologize in advance if there are any more unannounced hiatuses.
  4. tennis: for most of june and july, i played tennis monday through friday every week. now, monday through wednesday from 8-12 i have tennis tryouts for my school team and i’m super stressed because a) most of the new freshman trying out are really good, b) i have shin splints and a hip problem, and c) my favorite coach (who has been my coach for two years) left to be the head coach for another school. plus, after tryouts, i’ll have practice and matches every week until the end of september.
  5. girl meets world & once upon a time: i’ve finally caught up with the only two tv shows i follow and MY GOODNESS they’re good. the GMW love triangle FINALLY got solved but i think the show is getting cancelled after this season and if it does i really don’t know what i’m gonna do because things just got intense and you can’t just leave people with that bad of a cliffhanger. as for once upon a time, i’m making my way through season four and it is one of my favorite seasons (season 3 was really good ngl)

so, those are the main reasons i haven’t posted in forever and why i may disappear randomly throughout the year. i’m going to try to participate in arc august, so hopefully i can get some reading & reviewing done before summer is over. also, random note: if any of you know of some fun book tags, please let me know! i LOVE posting book tags, and think they’re super fun! so, um, yea. i *hope* to see you soon & to post more often!



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