discussing your novel: maha!

1) tell us a bit about yourself, and share the link to your blog! also, feel free to any other social media you have!

hello, my name is maha, i’m fifteen and i blog over at younicorn reads! i’m also on instagram, twitter and tumblr.

2) give us the title (if you have one) of your current WIP and a little summary/synopsis!

i currently do not have a title for my wip, but here’s a little summary: Lila’s life isn’t as different as the life of other teenagers her age. School is taking over her life, and all she does to fix it is procrastinate by watching her favorite shows and being on her phone all the time. She also have a couple of friends she always trusted. but what happens when these friends betray her? Lila gets more lonely than ever. then she meets Amal and Daniel, and that’s when Lila starts questioning herself.

3) how long have you been working on your novel? when did you start writing it?

umm, i started not long ago. i only wrote about two chapters, but i’m hoping to write MUCH more in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo.

4) do you have any favorite line from your WIP that you’ve written?

yes i have one: “And that’s the moment I realize: Friendships are only made to break your heart.”

(SOPH) Oooh! VERY interesting stance on friendship!

5) what genre would you categorize your WIP in? are there any certain things that contribute to the genre? (ex: fantasy, because it has magic.)

i would definitely categorize my wip as a young adult contemporary, because i think it has all the elements that contribute to that genre.

6) let’s hear about some characters you’ve created -give us a few fun facts about each one!

okay so here are some fun facts about my characters (aka my babies): Lila, the main character is asian and is addicted to her smartphone and to ice-cream, is lazy, and has sweating problems. Daniel (or Dan) is latino and loves dogs to death. Amal is arab and muslim, overweight, has a brown skin, and is unsecure of her body. Izel, Dan’s sister, is caring even though she’s a little rude sometimes, and she loves Oreos.

(SOPH) I LOVE THEM ALREADY. perfectly imperfect!

7) where does your novel take place? does the location have any special meaning to you?

my novel might be taking place in Florida, but i have to do a lot of research for all the streets and places (which i will do eventually).

(SOPH) Good choice! I love Florida! We vacation there every year.

8) who are some authors you look up to, if there are any, and why? have they inspired any part of your story?

some of the authors i look up to are Morgan Matson and Jenny Han. Matson’s book, SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE, is a major inspiration for me because it discusses friendship and stepping out of your comfort zone. and Han’s book, TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE has inspired me to talk more about family in my wip.

(SOPH) That’s awesome! I still need to read those books…

9) has any part of this novel been published? wattpad, or any other platforms? if not, do you plan on publishing it some day?

no part from this wip is published, and i’m not sure if i should publish it on wattpad. i’m still thinking about it, but i have to write a first draft first.

(SOPH) *Whispers* publish!

10) are there any events that happened in your life that have impacted the novel? if so, how? did it affect the writing, plot, mood, etc?

i think basically my whole life had an impact on this novel, because i, myself, am still learning how to be happy with what i have, and how to step out of my comfort zone.

11) finally, sell your novel to us in five words!


(SOPH) Yep. You have me sold.

Huge thank you to Maha for answering these questions and telling us all about her current WIP! This sounds like a contemporary I’d like to read!



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