how to say goodbye: novel discussion with elizabeth!

1) tell us a bit about yourself, and share the link to your blog! also, feel free to link us to any other social media you have!

I’m Elizabeth. Everyone calls me Lizzi. I’m 19, and have been blogging since 2011. I would share my first blog, but it’s super cringe-worthy and I’m not ready for that. I currently blog at, and am on Twitter as @dizzylizzii!

2) give us the title (if you have one) of your current WIP and a little summary/synopsis!

My WIP is called How To Say Goodbye. It’s a New Adult contemporary, about a girl who lost her boyfriend to suicide and is learning to cope with it while working at a local mustang rescue. She is paired with a troubled horse who seems to just “get” her. They bond, and heal together. There’s also a little romance, between flashbacks and a new budding romance that springs up at the Stable where my MC works.

(SOPH) I LOVE the idea of the human/horse bond! That is something I haven’t read about! XD

3) how long have you been working on your novel? when did you start writing it?

I’ve been working on HTSGB for about 6 months, and am in the process of editing, rewriting certain parts, and getting it ready for my beta reader.

4) do you have a favorite line from your novel?

That’s a tough one! I definitely have a favorite scene, but I don’t think I can narrow it down to one line! I think I’ll go with this though: “With the wind against my face, my hair whipping all over the place, I felt like I was flying. For the first time since Kai died, I felt free, and I didn’t want to let that go”.

5) in what genre would you categorize your WIP? are there any certain things that contribute to the genre? (ex: fantasy, because the novel includes magic)

I’d definitely categorize it as contemporary, although I’m playing around with a kind of mystical, mysterious theme. It’s not definitive, but we will see where the editing takes me.

(SOPH) contemporary AND mystical/mysterious? ooooh…  i like it!

6) let’s hear about some characters you’ve created- give us a few fun facts about each one!

There are 3 characters that I’ll share a little bit about with you today. We have Huntley, Ino, and Lily.
Huntley is the main protagonist. She’s 20 years old, blonde, and really shy. She’s an introvert, but she enjoys the company of a few people, including her best friend Lily.

Lily is Huntley’s best friend since 8th grade. She’s basically the opposite of Huntley, and they really balance each other out. Lily is fiercely loyal, and has been taking care of Huntley since her boyfriend died. Spending more time focusing on Huntley than herself.

Ino is a 4 year old mustang gelding rescue at Seaside Stables where Huntley was sent to work as part of her therapy. He’s a temperamental horse, with a lot of trust issues. He latches on to Huntley as soon as he sees her though, and they form a really unique bond that nothing can break.

7) where does your novel take place? does the location have any special meaning to you?

My novel takes place in a very small city on Oahu Hawaii. I don’t really know what made me choose that location to be honest. I basically just started writing, and it ended up being on the islands.

8) who are some authors you look up to, if there are any, and why? have they/their writing inspired any part of you story?

Lauren DeStefano, Kami Garcia, and Deb Caletti are three of my favorite authors. I can’t say that any of them have directly influenced this story in particular, but I do draw inspiration from their work, using it to motivate me to do my best on this novel.

9) has any part of this novel been published? (ex. on wattpad) if not do you plan on publishing it someday?

This novel is completely unpublished, though I do have plans to submit it to SwoonReads and see if they pick it up. If not, I plan on self-publishing it as an ebook and limited edition paperback.

(SOPH) I really hope SwoonReads picks it up! I’ll be buying it when they do 😉

10) are there any events from your life that have impacted the novel? if so, how? did it affect the writing, plot, mood, etc?

Every girl has a first love, and essentially, a first heartbreak. I was pretty torn apart by my first heartbreak, although it wasn’t the typical “breakup” that did the deed. My experience has definitely influenced the mood of the story, but the experience that Huntley is going through is completely different than mine.

11) last but not least- sell us your novel in 5 words!

It’s six words, if you include “and”, but…. Unbreakable bonds. Love, heartbreak, and horses.

(SOPH) you had me at unbreakable bonds.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for telling us all about your WIP! It sounds like its gonna be a super cool and unique read!

I hope you guys enjoy these interviews about bloggers and their WIPs! I have about 4 more coming, so stay tuned! 😀


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