the musical book tag!

thank you taylor @ tayloramartin for tagging me to do the musical book tag! i’m just gonna jump right into it:

wicked: favorite fictional friendship


anyone from tlc, there are so many to choose from! but i think i have to go with cinder and thorne from the lunar chronicles, because they’re pretty much friend goals. and thorne is hilarious! they’re my brotp for life.

sweeny todd: favorite villain


the darkling, without a doubt! i couldn’t help but actually fall in love with this villain rather than not liking him. he was a special kind of villain, in my opinion. he wasn’t completely evil, if that makes sense. he still had a bit of good in him.

phantom of the opera: favorite love triangle


obviously, the only love triangle that actually worked. will, jem, and tessa from the infernal devices! you really can’t choose wessa or jessa, so herongraystairs it is! these three are pretty much my life and i’ve read the trilogy more times than any other book i’ve read. it never gets old.

the lion king: favorite sidekick


kashmir from the girl from everywhere! i totally shipped him and nix so hard, but they haven’t passed the friend zone quite yet. (but i’m REALLY hoping that they will!) (or maybe they did and i’m just really bad at recalling stuff that happened in the book?)

grease: least favorite ending


allegiant. i don’t know if this counts since i didn’t actually finish the book, but i know what happens. i quit reading halfway through (the bookmark is still in the book from 2012) because it got so boring.

matilda – the musical: favorite movie adaptation


there are so many! harry potter, the hunger games, the maze runner, the 5th wave! but i have to say, maze runner & scorch trials are probably my favorites. they’re the only movies that can still be good without directly following the books.

les miserables: favorite death in a book (SPOILERS)

bellatrix! I CHEERED WHEN SHE DIED. especially the way it happened! “not my daughter you…” you get the point.

this tag was so fun! i now tag the following people, if they haven’t already done it!

jill @ abooknerdreads

karleigh @ readbykarleigh

ali @ arcticbooks




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