six months & where i am now

today is my six month blogoversary! i cannot believe how fast the time has gone!

quick note – i switched from blogger to wordpress today! i thought my blog needed refreshing and needed a better setup so here i am! i titled this post “six months & where i am now” because i’m writing this to tell you about my blogging journey so far. i know, super cheesy, but just keep reading.

i started blogging on december 23rd, 2015, and i like to think that i’ve come pretty far. do i have a lot of followers on here? no. how about instagram or twitter? a decent amount. but have i made new friends? have i come to love the book community? you bet i have.

while some people like to think that blog stats are everything, i believe that how far you come depends on what makes you happy, such as communicating with other booklovers, or that feeling of satisfaction when your bookstagram feed is just how you want it. (i brought this up specifically because i really am proud of how far my feed has come)

the book community is one of the best things that has happened to me. i only have about two friends in real life who actually enjoy reading, and every so often they get annoyed with my constant ranting and fangirling. but the book community? they understand me. we all get feels from books, we love to shout to the world “READ THIS BOOK!” and we love to cry over fictional characters because we know they’ll never be real.

since i can’t really put it into paragraphs, here are six things i am thankful for, six things i have learned through blogging, and of course, six book recommendations!

i’m thankful for…

bookstagram – i made my bookstagram before i even started blogging. it is my favorite social media platform and i love taking pictures and filtering them to make my feed look good!

ya diversity – in case you didn’t know, this is the book club i am a part of, along with jade (metamorphicbooks), sky (hello.books365), alexis (beyondthepagesblog), and ale (aleteration). each month, we choose a diverse book to read! (hence the name ya DIVERSITY)

book conventions – bookcon was one of the best experiences of my life. you can read more about my trip here.

harry potter – did you really think that this wouldn’t be on the list? unfortunately, i hadn’t created a blog until after i read these books. they changed my life and i highly doubt there will ever be a time where they’re no longer my favorite series .

twitter – i have connected with so many other book nerds via twitter, and i can’t begin to express how grateful i am that i met you all. there are too many to name, but you know who you are!

the book community – if you are ever considering joining the book community, DO IT. it is full of the most incredible, sweetest, book-crazy people you will ever meet.

since i started blogging, i have learned…

i can post whatever i want. i shouldn’t let other people decide what i can and can’t post.

blogging is extremely time consuming, but totally worth it.

interact with other bloggers! commenting on other blogs is a great way to find new people!

book tags are LOTS of fun!

you can blog about things other than books (which i’ll be doing soon, so stay tuned!)

don’t compare you blog to others just because so-and-so’s blog has better stats. your blog is who you are, and you should’t let anyone change that!

six book recommendations!

the love that split the world / emily henry

my lady jane / jodi meadows, brodi ashton, cynthia hand

the girl from everywhere / heidi heilig

between the lines-off the page duology / jodi picoult & samantha van leer

caraval / stephanie garber (hasn’t been released yet, but trust me, you won’t wanna miss this when it hits shelves january 2017!)

carry on / rainbow rowell

this wraps up my six month blogoversary post! how long have you been blogging. and what is your favorite part about it?


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