guest post: ale from aleteration!

*while i am on spring break march 17-27, a few people have been amazing enough to offer to guest post while i’m away! (special thanks to liv, ale, and jordan! you guys rock!

Greetings y’all!! Don’t worry, Soph hasn’t moved to the Midwest/South and picked up a new accent…no, this is your girl, Ale – pronounced as “uh-lee” (Ali or Allie). I’m covering for Soph while she enjoys her Spring Break and I sit through a whole lot of homework *YAY!*
Ok, let’s get down to business. This blog post’s title promised you my TOP 5 winter reads (in no particular order) – well prepare yourself (and your credit card!) for the best books that I read this season!

1)  The Lux Series (Books #1, #2, #3, #4), by Jennifer L. Armentrout
a.   Think Twilight meets aliens, but with a whole lot better plot and a much smarter/stronger and more expressive female lead – now triple the awesomeness and you get THE LUX SERIES. That’s. How. Freaking. Good. These. Books. Are.  Even if you aren’t a Science-Fiction junkie, I can promise that you’ll love Daemon and Kat’s relationship. If you need more convincing then please head on over to my blog (which is super inactive) and watch (well, read…) me fangirl over this hot alien boy. PS: He brings her Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, as a total basic white girl, I think that makes him the ultimate bae. 
2)  Alienated + Invaded, by Melissa Landers
a.   I have a thing for alien boys – they’re whole “extraterrestrial” mojo/swag they have is just TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE. I love them. Unconditionally. Anyways, this gorgeous alien boy’s name is Aelyx and he comes to earth for an ALIEN STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM – if that is a thing then someone please sign me up. Getting back on topic…Aelyx is hosted by this small-town, American girl named Cara. SPOILER (not really for those of you who’ve read the Goodreads page): She falls for him.
3)  How I Found You, by Gabriella Lepore
a.   Ok, Fantasy lovers, this one’s for y’all! Love witches, love brothers, love destiny and dreams? Meet the next book on your TBR! This novel follows the story of a sixteen-year-old girl named Rose and what she expects to be a less-than-ordinary type of summer, but then she starts to have weird dreams and two disturbingly hot brothers show up on her front porch and somehow whisk their way into her aunt’s family…spoiler: there’s magic involved.
4)  The Impossible Knife of Memory, by Laurie Halse Anderson
a.   If you are a contemporary lover then raise your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care, cause it has finally come to you! The Impossible Knife of Memory narrates the story of a young girl, Hayley, and her struggles of dealing with her father who’s a war veteran and suffers of major PTSD. Hayley is forced to move from town to town in order to escape her father’s demons, but what she doesn’t expect to find when she moves to her father’s hometown is L-O-V-E.
5)  The Young Elites, by Marie Lu
a.   Last, but certainly not least, we have the most epic and possibly mainstream of recommendations…The Young Elites, by the legendary Marie Lu! If you don’t own this book or haven’t read it then I suggest you go and grab it from your nearest bookstore or library, because IT IS MIND BLOWING. Despise the fact that the main character, Adelina, can be annoying and somehow difficult to relate to – unless you take joy in watching your sister get injured – this book is absolutely captivating. I normally don’t enjoy books that include more detailed narrations than dialogue, but The Young Elites changed that.

*note from soph- i am currently (and slowly) reading this and LOVING it! marie lu’s writing is fantastic!

What were your favorite winter reads? Tell me below!
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*soph here! again, i’d like to give a huge thanks to Ale for offering to guest post! these are some awesome recommendations and will for sure be added to my infinite list of TBR books!


6 thoughts on “guest post: ale from aleteration!

  1. Sophia Life says:

    I'm loving the young elites so far! Also, her legend trilogy is amazing! I'd recommend all of her books! 🙂 legend is more a dystopian read and TYE is a darker read but nonetheless they're both amazing 🙂


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